Not looking forward to this weekend, I wanna go out. Not spending it working! I want to stick this new job out though, I reckon I’ll be able to move up at Sound pretty quickly. I have my eye on the bar supervises job. Haha. And that will look good on my CV. Whilst there isn’t that much room for progression at Sound as they already have a General Manager and its a stand alone nightclub. I’d imagine it would be much easier to progress when you work for a chain like Oceana or Liquid. My boss Neill at the Kings Arms used to have a fairly high up position at a company called the Luminar Group who own 76 in the UK divided into various brands. And as of weeks ago of Neill’s good friends is now the CEO of the Luminar Group. He reckons I will do well at Sound and thinks he would be able to get me on the ladder there in the future. Which would be cool.


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