We make our own fate…

Yet there are people out there that think they can sell us the answers to ‘those’ big questions – Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?

Here is a quote from a self-development course called AVATAR, that a close friends religiously believes can/has/will change his life.

‘As you proceed you will become aware of your own creative power. It will surprise and amaze you. Should you choose to follow this power to its source, you will find a measureless sea of awareness extending beyond time, consciousness, and creation. Ancient companions wait for you (t)here’

I mean come on, what is that? It’s nothing. It’s nonsense.

My friend, he speaks about things like conciousness and the mind but I get the feeling he doesn’t really know what he is talking about, or that the things he thinks aren’t his own ideas, they haven’t grown naturally from life experience, they’ve been planted there by someone else. I think I’m starting to realise why.

These course’s lure you in with a sense of mystery, a feeling that your different, or esoteric. With the promise of understanding, with the promise that your own beliefs can affect the universe we live in.

These people pray on the weak minded, they twist ideas of  ‘conciousness’. Or cover us in spiel they call ‘mind/body concepts’. They tell us we can have the answers to ‘those’ questions by exploring the underlying structure’s of our own conciousness¹. BUT, conveniently  these things can only be achieved by learning from a ‘Master’ whos time will cost you a total of £3581.

The thing is about these kind of programs is that there are not harmless, even putting aside them taking over £3500 of your money, they can have a serious effects on people, on their mentality’s and the way they will live the rest of their lives. The people that run these courses, they’re not idiots, clearly they’re individuals with enough intellect and a dominate enough will to tell people how they feel, to control their beliefs. One person shouldn’t have so much influence over anyones mind. These things can ruin lives.

These people/guru’s/dickheads don’t care about you! They care about money. And they will use their influence on your mind which is clearly susceptible to foreign ideas to quell their own God complex.

They claim you can change your life by aligning your beliefs with what you want to achieve. But isn’t it obvious? We make our own fate, all of our lives are governed by the choice’s we make. Every moment, every single second is an intersection in life, all those little tiny things we do and say, the things so small that they don’t even register in our memories, they’re the things that make us who we are.

In the end its luck, its all luck. That’s all your life amounts to in the end: the aggregate of all the good luck and the bad luck you experience. Everything is explained by that simple formula. Tot it up – look at the respective piles. There’s nothing you can do about it: nobody shares it out, allocates it to this one or that, it just happens. ‘We must quietly suffer the laws of man’s condition’, as Montaigne says.

¹What the fuck does that even mean?


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