Fat Americans & breakfast cereals

Do you know what the most popular breakfast cereals in America are? A country with over 190 millions obese people believe that eating a breakfast cereal thats sugar rich and corn based is some how going to help them to stay healthy. I mean thats got to be the biggest piece of propaganda ever hasn’t it? And I care about this why you ask. I’ll tell you..

Its because its synonymous with how we all live our lives. You see nobody wants to think for themselves any more, nobody wants to be in-control of there own destiny because its all to much effort. You know everything we do, everything we watch, that we eat, we interact with is the result of some form of marketing. We’re sold our entire lives from cradle to grave. And the illusion is that we have never had so much choice but the fact of the matter is we exert none.

But whats the alternative? How about that we take control of our own lives, make our own choices. Just a thought. Morons.


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