Now I’ve never been particularly patriotic, in fact most of the time I am rather embarrassed to be British. More so when I see public reaction to things like this: Yesterday 30 people burned poppies in protest (and they have every right to). They were Muslim. Though I’m not really sure what their religion has to do with it anyway. People should not be not defined by what they believe in.

On the BBC News website today there are quotes from the protesters who are acknowledged as ‘The Muslims’. It was not a religious protest so I’m really not sure why they have been classified by the religion they follow. During the student protests(riots) earlier this week they were not quoted as ‘The Atheists*’ . I’ve been reading borderline racist tweets/posts on the internet all day. I’ve also seen some pretty ridiculous groups on Facebook. For example:

“They burnt our poppies, we’ll burn their turbans”(Sikhs wear turbans not Muslims)

“Execute the Muslims who burn our poppies” (A bit harsh don’t you think?)

“Any Muslim who want to burn poppies shud get the fuck out of our country” (What makes the person who made this group or the 691 people who joined it, think their not from this country just because they follow a religion thats a minority group in the UK is beyond me)

Some of these groups I’m seeing on Facebook should change their name to “I’m an ignorant sheep who enjoys being racist and I’m using the actions of 30 people to justify my hate and prejudices towards Muslims”

While I’m not defending what they did, I don’t really care ether to be honest. But the people who did this where extremists and its hardly fair to judge a whole culture on how a fraction of the people within it act. This country has a serious problem with ‘islamophobia’ and tarring all Muslims with the same brush. SORT IT OUT YOU RACIST FUCKS.

*or whatever


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