FPS are not cool

Seriously, I’m sick of military first person shooters. I worry for the gaming industry and I’m starting to dislike the gaming community as a whole, they simply refuse to buy anything other than a copy and paste of crap like Call of Duty.

The thing is, its a vicious cycle. Game developers become unimaginative with their games and gamers get used to it. After awhile all they want is a generic rehashed idea’s. Then said game developers gets sick off it and tries to brake the cycle, they come up with some new IP but no one will be interested because now all they want to play is their afore mentioned crappy games.

Who do these developers/publishers think they are? Asking me to part with £40 of my hard earned* pennies for a game I can complete in 7 hours and after will never put inside a console again(Enslaved, I’m looking at you). I’m not saying I want tagged on multiplayer with all my games, I just want value for  my money. Bayonetta for example: the game has soo many unlockables and things to do after you have completed the main game that its ridiculous. Vanquish is another good example, theres a game you can play again and again just to better your own scores.

*not that hard


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