Die Fanboys Die!

MW2 fanboys – you think you so cool don’t you? There are many types of fanboys from various franchises but none as aggressive and over the top as you guys. I thought I’d play a few matches last night, I wont go into detail but it ended up with an kid getting pretty worked up and shouting abuse at me including and I believe this is verbatim ” I’m going to find out where you are and kill you and your family” . I mean really? Reeeeeeeally? Its only a game.

On a lighter note, I went magic mushroom picking today. Wasn’t a particularly successful mission but I’ll give it another go tomorrow. I’ve always found half the fun of mushrooms is spending a few hours searching rounds fields for them yourself. Think I’ll make a shroom brew(don’t like eating them, they taste like earth)  which should be interesting.

Over & Out.


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