Sink the HMS Royal!

So everyones wigging out about the defense cuts, the big C-dog has announced 8% spending cuts in our defense program. But I mean come on people when was the last time the armed forces defended the UK? The Battle of Britain(1940)? Now I don’t claim to be a history scholar but I don’t ever remember getting invaded in my life time, nor (from what I understand) are we in any danger of being anytime soon. Sure we have troops over in Iraq but it’s got nothing to do with the MoD cuts, the money supporting the war in Iraq comes directly from the Treasury Special Reserve . I highly doubt getting rid of the HMS Ark Royal is going to affect anything going on over there seeing as there about 3miles on coast in Iraq. On that note when was the last time the Navy did anything significant?

Anyway what I’m trying the say is chill. I’m still not sure why the UK media is making such a massive deal out it. Blame it on the Daily Mail. Standard.


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