Hello world!

Right, better get this thing started then. Oh, and just as I’ve began writing this I’ve just realized that I have so little creativity that I’m finding it hard to even put my own thoughts into words. Yep I’ve even kept the default post title to demonstrate this point.

I’m currently lying in bed wondering what this blog is going to be focused on, I mean there are so many blog subcategory’s theres ‘Photoblogs’, ‘News blogs’, ‘Videos blogs’, ‘Personal blogs’ and the of course the epitome of pointless bullshit the ‘Celebrity Gossip blog’. I guess ill just be writing what comes to mind, no need to label it(rather fitting if you know me), ay?

So ill be trying to post on here everyday if only because I told myself I would but also to get some writing practice in, I want to be a games journalist you see? Can you be a journalist without creativity? I doubt it. But its worth a shot. You never know maybe one day ill wake up and my head will be filled with more ideas than I’ll know what to do with.. Or not, whatever.


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