I haven’t been this miserable in a long time. Putting on a brave face. Really struggling to keep it together.


For me, one of …


For me, one of the hardest things about being homosexual(or whatever) is knowing the difference between admiration and attraction(If there even is a difference?). Wanting to be like someone or wanting to be with someone.


I know I have absolutely no right to be angry at you but I am. You left me here, on my own. And i hate you for it. All the things we talked about doing, and your off doing them on your own. I resent the fact it took me ending things for you to get off your ass and actually do something.

Is it possible to want two people at once?

Of course it is! I’m constantly conflicted in my day to day life over which two ‘things’ to pick. That’s what life is made up of, choosing one road over another. This is BY FAR the biggest decision I’ve ever had to make. I’m sure when I look back in a year it will look like nothing, a pot hole*. But right now, right now it is all consuming, I can think of nothing but it. Jake or Charlie? And now i think about it, Charlie isn’t even a contender, Charlie represents everybody else out there. He represents change. So I guess the real decision is do I want Jake back? Now THAT is a question I can’t answer – not yet.

*continuing the road metaphor